Our Boats

We operate two boats, Scimitar, and Cutlass.

They both draw their name from a trio of fast attack training ships that operated from Portland Harbour when it belonged to the Royal Navy.

Both Scimitar and Cutlass are Evolution 38 hardboats and are of very similar specification, equipped with toilets, dive lifts and kit benches.

Both boats are commercially certified to carry a maximum of 12 divers; the skipper will be assisted by a non-diving crew member on each and every dive.



This was our first boat, it has all the mod cons, divelift, hot water kit wash, and has also been fitted out to be as “disable friendly” as possible with the addition of an extended toilet cubicle. As well as the required codes of practice safety equipment we must carry by law, she has an extensive first aid kit, oxygen and defibrilator.


Very similar to Scimitar but slightly faster.  She also is fitted out with a dive lift and carries the same extensive first aid kit, oxygen and defibrilator. She also has all the usual mod cons such as a toilet, cooker etc so you will definately not be roughing it.

Generally speaking Scimitar is used as our weekend-charter boat and Cutlass does our individual off-shore shuttle runs.

Thorough safety briefings are given before any boat departs and individual dive briefs are given on arrival at the site. We do recommend that divers arrive approximately one hour before the scheduled departure time so that there is plenty of time to load your kit, get cylinders filled etc.