Loose Association of Portland Divers

lapd-banner4Welcome to the home of the LAPD (loose association of Portland divers). We are a non political club of divers with one simple goal, to go diving. We welcome all level of divers and we hope we can include something for everyone whether you are newly qualified or experienced.

In addition to dive trips, we also intend to arrange other activities that will be of interest such as trips to the RNLI, Dive chamber, etc etc. All trips will be run at cost.

The dive calendar has been designed with this in mind. It’s all about divers getting together and having a good time. The club is run by Lois and Rosalind. They call the shots as far as the club is concerned and at least one of them will be around for the club weekends and trips.

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Join in

Cost to join the club will be £25 per year. For this you will entitled to go on club organised events. You will also receive a pre-pay discount card which will save you money on diving with our normal Internet programme and gas sales.

We are also working to hopefully getting shops/services that will also offer discounts on production of your membership card in the near future.

Keep it together

There is both a club calendar attached to this site as well as a forum. Events will go on the calendar as we organise them. Further details of these events will be published on the forum where you will also be able to add your name if you wish to attend.

Any member who organises a trip/event outside of the normal programme can also add there. As well as diving here in Portland, the club will also go elsewhere.

Forget the politics, let’s go diving……