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A3 Submarine Depth 38 m Cost £30

Aeolian Sky Depth 31 m Cost £30

Aerials drift  Depth 20m Cost £25

Alex Van Opstal Depth 28m Cost £30

Arfon Depth 35m Cost £30

Boadicea Depth 53m Cost £45

Binnendijk Depth 28m Cost £25

Black Hawk Bow Depth 16m Cost £30

Buccaneer  Depth 44m Cost £45

Countess of erne Depth 16m cost £15

Elena R Depth 28m Cost £30

Empress of India Depth 45m Cost £50

Frogner Depth 34m Cost £30

James Fennel Depth 17m Cost £25

Landrail Depth 32m Cost £30

M2 Submarine Depth 32m Cost £30

Merchant Royal Depth 57m Cost £45

Moidart Depth 33m Cost £45

P555 Submarine Depth 41m Cost £30

Pomeranian Depth 35m Cost £35

Polkerris Depth 46m Cost £45

Salsette Depth 45m Cost £45

Sidon Suubmarine Depth 35m Cost £30

St Dunstan Depth 28m Cost £45

UB 74 Submarine Depth 35m Cost £30

 U-322  Depth 53m Cost £50