Martha – 47m

Map Unavailable
Date - 24/09/2019
Time - 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sea bed depth: 47m   Top of wreck: 39m   Scour under stern: 50m

Tonnage 653 grt   Dimensions 56*8*3.7 m

Sunk: 17/3/1918

The following information is from, Nick Chipchase

‘The wreck is upright. The bow area is broken and twisted.There is a part buried anchor on the starboard side. In the fore hold area is a fallen mast and large winch. There is also an oblong hatch with two bars across. The boiler is difficult to see but the engine is well exposed. The LP cylinder cover has been measured at 50 inches. Close to the engine on the port side lies an anvil in the wreckage. Also close by is what appears to be the funnel top. The after hold is full of gravel. What appears to be a gun mount is here. The stern is complete with the after steering position in place. The four blade propeller is in place as is the rudder. The scour under the stern is at 50m. The starboard hull is intact back to midships where there is a damaged area.This is the point the torpedo struck Martha.
At the stern are shells which appear to be 75mm. Correct for Martha’



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