P555 – 40m and Second dive

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Date - 04/08/2017
Time - 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

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This is a two dive day, firstly on the P555 and then after some hot pies and a 90 min surface interval onto, the divers decide on second dive between James Fennel, Aerials for a scenic drift or any harbour wrecks.

We will not becoming back to port between dives, extra dive cylinders can be hired in the marina from Skin Deep or Underwater Explorers

A very informative wreck tour is available

Wreck tour 141 : The P555

P-555 – This vessel originally entered service as an American submarine designated as the S24. In 1942 she was loaned to the Royal Navy and re-named the P-555. After the war the design was thought obsolete and she was sunk in 1947 to be used as a sonar training vessel. She lies complete in a depth of about 33m with the surrounding sea bed at approximately 40m.

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