Scapa Flow

Date - 20/10/2013 - 25/10/2013
Time - All Day

Scapa Flow

valkyrie-large-31mar2008fOn board the Valkyrie we believe that customer service should be top of our priorities & we are constantly changing and improving the boat for our guests. Unique in Scapa Flow we have three permanent crew members to help assist you and make your holiday as easy and comfortable as possible & aim to keep standards at their highest.

We promise that our boat will always be warm, dry, clean and comfortable for you.

The boat.

Well we think she is fantastic and fortunately so do lots of other people.  A quick search on any of the large diving forums will bring up any number of trip reports so you can see for yourself our reputation amongst the diving population.

We have lots of space, no fighting for somewhere warm to sit on a cramped little day boat!  Two separate social spaces, the lounge with a large TV/DVD, ipod dock, books, and lovely new comfortable seating to chill out in, plus the galley is always warm and hospitable.  The best bit is you can always nip downstairs to your cabin for a sneaky snooze between dives!  You can even bung a soggy undersuit in the tumble drier in your surface interval to ensure you are warm on your next dive.

The Valkyrie is supremely stable and handles poor sea conditions very well, allowing us to dive in comfort in much rougher weather than smaller boats.  The last thing you want is to be feeling ill bobbing around on the boat waiting to get in, or worse being sick and worrying about dehydration.

As two thirds of our crew is female (half if you count the dog in there) it means we are pretty fussy about cleanliness.  Our toilets are both proper loos, (not marine heads with two pages of instructions and a tendency to block up at the mere sight of a cotton bud) and we like to keep them nice and tidy.  We don’t start our big clean until you have departed on the Saturday morning so the entire boat is at your disposal until you start your journey home.

We hope you choose our live aboard as living afloat for a week is all part of the adventure!

Diver lift

Specially designed and constructed for our curved hull shape, its cantilever design is load tested and the personnel rated winch and sturdy platform can safely lift a diver out of the water in a comfortable non-spine-bending 10 seconds.  It also features a safety catch fail safe should the wire break.

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