Sidon 35m + Second Dive

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Date - 05/09/2016
Time - 12:00 am - 6:00 pm


This is a 2 dive day so no coming back to port, firstly we dive the amazing Sidon sea bed 35m then we have lunch with a surface interval of about 90 mins and then we have a second dive on either the James Fennell, Aerials or cannon ball run.

Extra dive cylinders can be rented from Skindeep based in the marina.

History Sidon

On the morning of 16 June 1955, Sidon was moored alongside the depot ship HMS Maidstone in Portland Harbour. Two 21-inch Mark 12 High test peroxide-powered torpedoes, code-named “Fancy”, had been loaded aboard for testing. Fifty-six officers and crewmen were aboard.At 0825, an explosion in one of the Fancy torpedoes (but not the warhead) burst the number-three torpedo tube it was loaded into and ruptured the forward-most two watertight bulkheads. Fire, toxic gases, and smoke accompanied the blast. Twelve men in the forward compartments died instantly and seven others were seriously injured.

The submarine started to settle by the bows with a list to starboard, and her commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Verry, ordered the submarine evacuated from the engine room and aft escape hatches. Thanks to a rescue party from Maidstone, everyone not immediately killed escaped, except Maidstones medical officer, Temporary Surgeon Lieutenant Charles Eric Rhodes. He had gone aboard with the rescue party, assisted several survivors, and suffocated because he was using a DSEA set that he hadnt been trained to use. At about 0850 Sidon sank to the bottom of the harbour. On 1 November 1955 Rhodes was posthumously awarded the Albert Medal for putting his life in danger to save others.

One week later the wreck was raised and towed into a causeway on Chesil Beach. The bodies of the 13 casualties were removed and buried with full honours in the Portland Royal Naval Cemetery on top of the cliffs overlooking the harbour.

Sidon was refloated, then sunk to act as an ASDIC target on 14 June 1957.

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